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Pm3110 Unit 5 Assignment 1 The Dulhasti Power Plant

Unformatted text preview: and, to some degree, self-regulation, is singularly lacking in empathy and social skills. b. Stated from the case study, “…Kathy routinely required her staff and the senior members of the project team to work long hours, ignoring weekend breaks if important milestones were coming up, and generally adopting a round-the-clock work approach for the project ” (Pinto, 2010). She lacked empathy because she did not take into consideration that maybe her staff had plans to spend their weekends with their families and she lacked social skills because she did not speak with her staff and get their insight on the project and expecting them to accommodate to her schedule. References Pinto, J. K. (2010). Leadership and the Project Manager. Project management: achieving competitive advantage (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall....
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Maria Gonzalez PM3110 Mr. Smith Case Study 7.2 Date Due: 10/13/2014 The Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge The project planning and scope management for this project was appropriate at the time due to the fact not much was known about the effects of dynamic loads on structures. It had always been taken for granted in bridge building that static (vertical) load and mass of large structures were enough to protect them against wind effects. Planners took unknowing risks when the open girders in the bridge’s sides were substituted with flat, solid girders. The planners began taking unknowing or unnecessary risks when right before its inauguration and opening, the bridge exhibited strange characteristics that were immediately noticeable. Like the slightest wind could cause the bridge to develop a pronounced longitudinal roll. As they seen that the amplitudes steadily increased, suspensions came loose , the support structures buckled, and the span began to break up which you would think would make the

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