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Sample Cover Letter For Fresh Graduate Singapore Airline

Jan Polack

78, South Street,

Vaughan ON 99Y 3P9


January 7th, 2013


Ms Petra North

HR Manager

Air Quebec

999, East Street,

Montreal QU D3Q 8U2


Dear Ms. North,


I am writing to submit my Resume as a job application for the position of Flight Attendant at Air Quebec in Canada, as advertised in the Montreal Time newspaper. After reading carefully the requirements of the posting in great detail, I found myself a suitable match for this job. Skilled with relational, enthusiastic customer service and hospitality qualities, I am certain in my ability to integrate efficiently into your team.


I posses a wide range of skills in the hospitality and tourism industry, my interest always moved towards the air transport. To share experiments effectively inside a team, to build up and offer support and services to the clients of different nationalities and cultures motivated me to select an occupation of flight attendant. My mission is to serve the people and to ensure their well being, comfort and safety during their flying experience in and out of the plane. I strongly advocate that my mission will be of perfect addition to your cabin crew members.


Like a fresh and passionate candidate, I would welcome the challenge to meet with you to talk about how my education, experience and skills will be beneficial for Air Quebec. I will contact you by mobile phone or skype next week in order to find any possibilities of interview. If you need any additional information in the meantime, I can be reached at (339) 778-7865 or via mail at jan.polack@polack.com.


Thank you very much in advanced for your time and consideration.


Kind Regards,


John Polack (Signature)

Email Subject: (Your name) for (Position)

(Note: Keep the email title short and simple, yet highlight the key information for the recruiter’s attention: e.g your name and the position you’re applying for.)

Dear (Salutation & Name),

I would like to express my interest in applying for the position of Marketing Associate that was recently made available in your company.

I believe that my degree in Business Administration (BSBA) majoring in Marketing from the XYZ University has prepared me for this position. As a student, I was equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to help develop and drive effective marketing strategies.

During my six months internship at ABC Company’s Marketing Department, I learned how companies determine what product or services to sell, how to reach target demographics with the aid of analytic tools and how to respond to the some of the threats from competitors. More importantly, I had the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals who taught me how to easily grasp complex marketing concepts and at certain times, how to roll with the punches in order to achieve various objectives.

I have also acquainted myself with a wide range of skills that allow me to blend with the group or team’s culture and to continuously strive to reach common goals amidst failures and setbacks.

My proudest achievement during the internship would be organising a guerilla marketing for a newly launched product. I secured a venue at GHI Shopping Mall and we conducted a social experiment to introduce the new product. We received tremendous positive response from the shoppers and 50% of the shoppers eventually purchased our product that day.

In addition, my active involvement in many academic and extracurricular activities has helped me tremendously in developing my communication and leadership skills, which are vital in finding success in the corporate world.

With this application letter, I attach herewith my resume for your full consideration. Thank you for taking time to review my application and I am looking forward to your reply so that we can further discuss my application.

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)
(Your email address & contact number)

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