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Globalization Of Culture Essay Topics

by Akiko Takano

Globalization progresses in the world, and coming and going of people, things, money, and information is taking place on a global scale now across a border. The spread of the internet that assists the globalization simplified access different culture to people. When communication technology and means of transportation did not yet develop, it was common that the people knew the event of even the neighboring village after a few days passed. However, now we can just know that what happen at this point by TV, a radio, newspapers, and the Internet in the world and there are many people going to the foreign countries and coming from the countries. When the coming and going of people becomes active, the interchange of the culture becomes active, too. I discuss how the culture changes by globalization in this essay. At first I explain the thing which globalization brings culture and then I discuss how we should deal with globalization of the culture.

The culture that spread through the world by globalization is American culture. For example, there is McDonald’s anywhere now in the world. Also, Disney is the character which is the most famous in the world. I think that the life of world people may change in Americanization. In japan, culture products of made in USA overflow now. The people imitate the fashion of America, listen to American music, eat a hamburger and drink Coke. Indeed, it may be impossible to put take on this trend. However, it is important to receive he different culture of other countries and send to a thing, the world I follow the unique culture of the own country while receiving the different culture of other countries by globalization and protect the unique culture of the own country at the same time, and send the own culture to the world. Japan has culture of traditional wabi sabi, and the modern Japanese comics ‘Manga’ and animated cartoon receive a high evaluation in the world.

Globalization advances, and there is the criticism that the cultures becomes Americanization and equalizes, on the other hand, the culture of the own country became easy to send and it is possible to develop variety of the culture. The influence that globalization gives in culture is big, but not only criticize the negative aspect, but also find a positive aspect. I think that we should balance with the reception of the culture of other countries, protection and sending of the culture of the own country.


MitsuiHirotaka. (2005). “比較文化の心理学 カルチャーは社会を超えるのか”. kyoto: ナカニシヤ出版

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Globalization Essay Topics List

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