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  • "A decent book on Critical Thinking!" - By Pindle
    We are a product of our thoughts. What we think every moment practically shapes us and our personalities. And for that very reason, the way we think about people, situations and overall life, is extremely essential. The authors in this book give you an insight about critical thinking and how it can do wonders to you if you perceive things and situations in the right way. It further talks about how critical thinking helps in problem solving, decision making as well as logical thinking. Now is a good time to rewire your thoughts if you’ve been more of a negative thinker. After reading this book you will surely change the way you perceive things. A good read, indeed!

  • If your child likes to do workbooks (my four year old can't get enough of them) your child will like this book. I know that the grade level is 2nd or 3rd grade, but it does such a good job of breaking down and explaining concepts that much younger children can benefit from this book too.

  • "Best and most thorough logic building workbook" - By SD Mom
    As a high school teacher and mom of 7 and 9 year old girls, this is a must-have workbook. It's 368 pages of workbook including an answer key. The main reason I like this book is because it teaches critical thinking skills and logic in multiple subjects. Many workbooks I seem to find are only single subjects, but this focuses on developing and practicing thinking and logic skills in reading, writing, math and science. Additionally, each chapter breaks down the learning into a progression of critical thinking skills. For example, first starting out by describing shapes with specific descriptions, then moving to identifying similarities and differences, sequences and classifications of shapes/figures, then analogies of shapes/figures before moving into the same steps but with words and language. This workbook is the most comprehensive and holistic that I have seen. My girls enjoy it and enjoy the challenge of it. It can ... full review

  • "Critical thinking, an important skill set in my opinion- this book bring the whole process clarity-It's not cheap and not popsci" - By Hal 9000 (Detroit, MI USA)
    I rented this book for a college course- but I have read half of it before my class even began- I would consider this a must have for any library and a great tool for parents to teach their children the first set of survival skills that will pay big dividends- and those skills involve the one muscle that is the most important- the mind ( yes I know the brain/mind isn't a muscle). But in my opinion, and this is going to sound cliché, just like the fish, do not tell you children what to think but how to think. This book is not cheap, but anyone who gets this grass roots movement will reference these pages for years

  • "Fantastic resource!" - By T. Spencer (Phoenix, AZ USA)
    This is a fantastic resource to help your kids with developing their critical thinking skills. Get some attribute blocks [[ASIN:B005HYPGHG Attribute Blocks, Desktop-Sized, Set of 60]] to be able to complete some of the exercises. Kids that can't read can still do the exercises, if an adult reads the instructions to them. We've used this with our home schooled kids age 4-6. Many of the exercises help develop pre-math and pre-literacy skills (sorting, patterns, seriation, sequences, comparisons, attributes, etc.).

  • "Good for confusing concepts" - By Sara
    I don't study in these terms. This was a good book to study using case studies, though, if you were going to do it. It was helpful in thinking through how different processes can effect people in different ways. It was really helpful for some of the more complex concepts but I didn't start using it until near the end of nursing school because my teacher made me. I wish I had used it more. It is one of those things that you don't use every time for everything but as a supplement to things that really confuse you. I would recommend it, though.

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